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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A little Callen Update...

Callen is... a handful.  He cannot be left alone for more than 60 seconds before he is, literally, destroying something.  I have never had to watch something or someone so close in all my life.  He breaks stuff, spills stuff, ruins stuff faster than anything.  Ever.  And I don't know what his obsession with taking his diaper off is... but I'm really tired of cleaning poop out of the couch, the rug... everything.  He's definitely two.  Despite his craziness that keeps me constantly exhausted, he's a sweet, smart boy... and I wouldn't trade him for the world.  But catch me at the right moment, and I might just hand him over for a good, long while.

His vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds just in the past few weeks... he repeats nearly everything.  He can sing songs, tell stories and will certainly make known what it is he wants.  "Want snack!  Want breakfast!  Want Mama hold me!"  

I was able to catch some sweet video of him cooperating the other day (this was in between him breaking a Dublin Dr Pepper coffee cup and chucking his sippy cup at Preston, splitting his lip right open, sigh).  He was singing "Bob Song," which is the VeggieTales Theme Song and he said his name, ABC's, counted, etc:

We also finally cut his hair a bit.  It was getting really long and he had these precious ringlets in the back (like mine!).  
Sad to see these little curls go!
For a while he was going to bed really well, would just lay down in his bed and fall asleep.  The past few months have had him standing at the gate in his doorway, screaming and crying and trying to climb over for 20 minutes or so, sometimes less, sometimes more.  Michael has gotten really good at calming him down and singing him to sleep.
He wasn't feeling well.
We are working on potty training, attempting to be more consistent.  He gets SO excited when he goes on the potty and will run around announcing it over and over: "I poop on potty! I poop on potty!"  I think if I make a point to be more consistent, he'll get it down pretty soon!  That'd be nice!

Callen is so far nothing like Preston - in looks, in behavior... so it's definitely been an interesting ride thus far!  I pray that as the boys get older, they'll get along better... right now they tend to fight more than anything.  They do play well together at times, which blesses my heart so much, love to see them being sweet and helpful with each other....but it almost always ends up in Preston getting hurt by Callen somehow.  =(
Brothers w/haircuts.
No matter how much trouble this little one gives me, I treasure these moments of toddler-dom.  I know they'll before over before I know it. 


Randi said...

The second one is generally nothing like the first :)

Laura Prascher said...

How do you potty train boys?!? I have no clue nd haven't started yet because frankly, I have no idea where to start! Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated ;D