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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Me On the Map... from Pinterest

The other day I expressed my love/hate relationship for Pinterest on my Facebook page.  It's inspiring, for sure... but more often than not, I look around Pinterest and it makes me depressed!  I wish I was more crafty! I wish I had more money to achieve this or that.  I wish.. I wish.. etc.  It makes me envious.  I only visit Pinterest like once a month, if that.  I use it mostly as a bookmarking site so I will know where to find things I once found interesting.  I've made a few recipes from there, and attempted a few other crafts or projects... but again, I usually just feel like a big, fat failure at life when I visit Pinterest.  Lol.

All that being said, I saw the following project on Pinterest and decided it was too easy and neat NOT to attempt!  And, believe it or not... it came out great (thought not exactly as the "pinned" example did).  It's called Me on the Map, and the original blog post and idea can be found here.  It helps your child understand where he exists in this world... while the idea of a state, country, planet may seem abstract to them.

I cheated a bit and printed out images for Preston to use, but he wrote and did some coloring on it.  He thought it was super cool!  Just a fun, quick little project during our month-long summer vacation.

Me on the Map

All spread out.

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