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Monday, July 16, 2012

Boy Mom Blog Hop 2012!

I'm linking up with The M.O.B. Society and their Boy Mom Blog Hop!
Me and my boys!
Howdy, from Grand Prairie, Texas! I am Jade, Boy Mom to Preston (6) and Callen (2) and wife to Michael (we've been married for 10 years now!).  We are a Christian, homeschooling family and my blog here reflects that... it is normally a mix of crazy things my kids do or say and posts on homeschooling with the occasional rant or rave about something or other.  I've been blogging for a long time.  I find it a fun way to look back on things we've done, gone through or accomplished in our lives.  I started this blog in 2010 after Callen was born and I became a stay-at-home-mom.  I formally worked in radio for about 9 years, and I still do off and on.  I know also work from home as an Independent Educational Consultant with Usborne Books & More. My boys enjoy helping me with my business - reading books, telling others about books... anything to do with books!

This captures them perfectly.
I love being a Boy Mom... my boys are full of energy, inquisitiveness and hilarity.  While they drive me completely bonkers on a daily basis, I wouldn't have it any other way!  Preston is too smart for his own good, always using big words and proving me wrong about this and that.  He's also rather sensitive and emotional for a young boy.  Callen is my Tasmanian Devil... just sheer chaos!  You literally cannot leave him alone for 30-seconds before he is into trouble!  But his little toddler babble "I love you, mama!" can instantly melt my heart just the same.  They make me want to be a better person... I am definitely working hard at patience and gentleness as we continue to grow together.  And, well, I need a lot of work on the other Fruits of the Spirit while I'm at it.  And so do they, lol!

Our favorite things to do are read aloud together, work puzzles, play ball (all kinds!), run around in the backyard and just generally be silly!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, please feel free to click around, visit various areas and leave me a comment or two!  Blessings!


MB@NewLifeSteward said...

Sounds like you have some boys through and through! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mary Beth @newlifesteward

Lynda said...

So happy to "meet" you, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Kelli Becton said...

yup - sounds like boys indeed! they are cutie pies!

Paula said...

How fun to have a brother, my son would love to have a brother.
I bet they have some good Usborne books to look through. Do they have any favorites?

Rosilind Jukic said...

Ohhh - boys are fun and challenging and wonderful and active...and boy are we blessed to have them! Hopping over from MOB. Blessings from Croatia: A Little R & R: www.littlerandr.org

Jess said...

I'm not that far from you. I'm in Waxahachie. I am just hopping over from MOB. I'm a Mama to 5 children...just 1 boy. And he's not thrilled about being the only boy, so we're seeing if God will give us another. :-) May God bless you and your family. You can find me at www.letterstoabba.blogspot.com

Johnson Family said...

I am so pleased to meet you through the Blog Hop. I enjoyed your photos and your introduction. I look forward to getting to know you a little more as I read more of your blog.