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Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 2012 Tweets to Remember...

June 1st - Date nite food has included a chorizo omelette, fudge with mushrooms and a $4 spearmint push pop. What?

June 4th - My 1st ever call to poison control, Callen got stung by a scorpion while just sitting on the couch w/Michael. He's fine, but geez!

June 5th - Breakfast picnic watching the Queen's carriage ride back to Buckingham.

June 6th - Preston said his lunch was so good, I cooked so good, I should open a restaurant! His lunch... was canned spaghetti & meatballs. Yep.

June 8th - My new phone background - my boys are so big! Wow! 

June  10th - Our 6.5 year old lost his 1st tooth today!

June 13th - I keep asking Callen "why?"... I just like the way he says 'because'... "beh-duz!"

June 15th - Sooooo, Callen just pointed and said, "Bug!" and it was, in fact, another scorpion in our living room! WTHeck?!

June 22nd - The iPad is in my hand. Just not out of the box yet!

June 30th - You should hear my kids oohing & ahhing at the . Cannot wait for the !

June 30th - My iPad background. Would u expect anything less? My couch is denim... Heck, my prom dress was denim!  

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