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Monday, July 23, 2012

What Would You Do?: Not So Great Meal Leftovers

I am curious to know what you would do in this situation.

The other night I tried a new recipe for a Spinach & Artichoke Pasta Bake.  It looked really good in the picture, and seemed like a good way to get all of us to eat some veggies we don't normally manage to consume.  Michael and I both like fresh spinach leaves, but aren't that crazy about canned/frozen spinach and well, we don't care for artichoke either.  And the boys... uh huh, right.  Yeah, I dunno what I was thinking, to be honest.  Bottom line: Callen ate a bit of it, Preston tried a bite or two and gave up, Michael and I ate our portions but weren't thrilled.  It was a "not so great" meal (ie. was edible, but certainly not something we enjoyed greatly).  Well, then... of course the recipe made 8 servings and half where left.  Since we didn't particularly LIKE this meal... do I just throw it all out and waste the food and money spent on this meal?  Or do I save it to be eaten again?
Spinach & Artichoke Pasta Bake
Being the frugal mom that I am, I saved it.  Knowing full well my kids would not eat it, and the husband would probably not be overly joyed to find it in his lunch box, I went ahead and ate it again for lunch this afternoon.  Again, it was edible, but certainly not something that I liked and/or ever want to taste again.  I ate my portion and have now thrown the rest out.  

All of this made me wonder: "What would you do?"  Yes, you.  If you make a less-than-stellar meal and have some leftover... do you keep it and serve it again?  Or do you just face the facts and throw it out right away?


Melanie said...

Can you pass it on to a friend who does like spinach and artichoke?

Unknown said...

I guess I'm getting a little wasteful in my old age, but if nobody (including me) cared for it, I'd dump it and move on. When trying a new recipe sometimes you can halve it, depending upon the ingredients.

We don't care much for cooked spinach either, we've learned. Consider yourself still in the trial and error stage. (You'll be in that stage for probably another 40-50 years. ;)

Seeking unicorns said...

I say if it's gross, dump it. A way to spice things up esp spinach and artichoke, since they are pretty flavorless vegetables, I would cook chicken separately to pair with this. If you have something flavorful like a meat, it pairs well with tasteless stuff. I would maybe add some spicy cheese on top.

Anonymous said...

I would dump it....no regrets! Kudos to you for trying something new.

Shannon said...

I dump it if we don't like it