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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 2012 Tweets to Remember...

July 3rd - It's midnight, why wouldn't we stay up to watch Beetlejuice?

July 3rd - Sweet boys. 

July  4th - Love how excited my kids get watching The Price Is Right. This show beats cartoons any day.

July 9th - First Day of School Today!!! Guess I should wake up my students, eh?

July 9th - Dry-erase crayons just changed my life for the better. Thank you, !

July 10th - Quiet Time is not a suggestion, y'all.

July 13th - I love the looks on people's faces who walk into Chikfila unaware of this sacred holiday. Yes, you ARE missing out.

July 16th - Watching Batman The Movie (60's) and Callen has a new favorite word... ZOCKO!

July 17th - Moment: Received compliment from older lady at Cracker Barrell about how "well-mannered" my boys were at the table. Yay!

July 22nd - I put a Rangers shirt on Callen. He says, "I wear ballgame shirt to church? Ballgame shirt for Jesus!?!"

July 22nd - The mom nerd in me LOVES Sunday trips to the library, then sitting down and getting the weekly plan in place!

July 27th - Just at the Post Office where they are only accepting cash at the moment, yet didn't have $200 in their registers to cash this lady's check.

July 27th - The Opening Ceremony has been on for 2 minutes, I'm already tearing up. Auuugh, love me some

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