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Saturday, September 1, 2012

August 2012 Tweets to Remember...

Aug 1st - I love hearing Callen say, "when I grow up i'm gonna be..." lately he's been saying "a daddy."

Aug 3rd - Stopping to change a diaper on the side of the road in nowheresville, arkansas... Bad idea! Car filled w/mosquitos! Grr.

Aug 8th - Its been a long time since I've seen Entertaining Angels performed live. Thank you, Phil Joel & Peter Furler!

Aug 13th - Already having Olympic withdrawls. C'mon Winter Games (and Winter, for that matter!).

Aug 17th - Callen is still jumpy about bugs/crawly things since the scorpion thing, so when he picked up a book & there was a real gecko in it, yikes!

Aug 22nd - No one tell my boys it's only August...

Aug 23rd - Blueberry pie! We picked those blueberries ourselves in Michigan. Yuuuummm!

Aug 24th - If I could turn the light on & snap a pic of my boys sleeping on each other in my bed right now, it would be too cute to handle.

Aug 24th - Oh my gosh. First the cute sleep cuddling, & all morning they've been getting along and playing together nicely. I want to bottle this!

Aug 24th - He looks like he's ready to give you a zoo tour. Except for the covering his eyes thing...

Aug 24th - Callen is BEING the tower instead of building a tower.

Aug 29th - Callen says, "Is it morning? I LOVE morning! Yay, MORNINNNNG! Can I have a snack?"

Aug 30th - Feeling accomplished to have done all my errands before noon. Now, snack & game of Uno before more school & lunch.

Aug 31st - I've never heard anyone say their favorite color is gray. Until today.

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