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Monday, September 24, 2012

Cub Scout Fundraisers...

We got Preston in scouts at the very tail end of last year.  He quickly earned his Bobcat and Tiger badge and is now a Wolf.  Because we joined at the end last year, we didn't end up having to pay dues and didn't even really ever consider the costs involved besides the uniform.  Oops.

Our pack is currently doing two fundraisers at the same time to get them over with at the beginning of the year.  If a scout can raise enough money with these campaigns, they don't have to pay dues at all.  So, that's what I'm hoping happens.  Here's where you come in!

Such a handsome scout!
We are selling Fun Pasta... all kinds of funky shaped noodles, gift packages of soup, chili cookies and more!  Click here to see the products and make an online purchase (shipping applies if you purchase online).  PLEASE make sure you put "Preston Clark" somewhere in the comment section if you use the online check out, otherwise he won't get credit towards his dues. 

And we're selling Popcorn from Trail's End.  You know this stuff, Scouts have sold it for a long time...it's good!  You can purchase that online here if you don't regularly see me in person, and yes, shipping applies if you buy online.

If you want to purchase either of these products and you live in my neck of the woods... call, text, message, or send smoke signals in my direction and we'll make it happen!  We greatly appreciate it!

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