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Monday, September 17, 2012

Unconditional Is Coming...

I first head about the movie, Unconditional, a few weeks ago when I received an offer from BuzzPlant to do a review... I read a brief synopsis of the film and thought it sounded like a really interesting story.  Then, a few days later I received a Facebook Invite to the "Unconditional Opening Weekend Event," from a friend of mine by the name of Brent McCorkle.  When I opened the invite, I realized... this was Brent's movie!  As in, he wrote it and directed it!  How exciting!

I just received the books, Unconditional: A Novel (which is based on the motion picture screenplay) and Firebird: He Lives for the Sunshine (as seen in the motion picture) from BuzzPlant.  I am excited to dig right into these and then see the movie this weekend!  I'll be doing a review of all three in the very near future!

I hope you make plans to go see it as well... with a date, with your family, a church group, whatever!  And do me a favor, help spread the word about it!

Check out the trailer...

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