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Monday, October 1, 2012

September 2012 Tweets & Instagrams to Remember...

Sept 5th - Really? You're not tired, huh? Callen fell asleep in the middle of escaping!

Sept 13th - This Preston's excited about being on face. He's faking it, of course.  

Sept 14th - This weather brings me such joy! It also baked a pumpkin dumpcake. Thanks Fallish weather!

Sept 15th - Saturday morning = boys all over Daddy!  

Sept 17th - Sluggish start today, just wanna cuddle with my coffee this morning.

Sept 19th - Sweet baby, Jesus... Please help us find Preston's other shoe before I lose my mind. Amen.

Sept 19th - Thank you, Aldi! spice cream cheese!  

Sept 20th - Math meltdown! I mean total crying uncontrollably, cannot gain composure meltdown. Really? 7+9 can do that to a kid? Wow.  

Sept 23rd - Once upon a time, I kept close tabs on the twitterverse. Who has time for such things anymore? "Not I," said the mom. 

Sept 25th - My warmer. Yaaaaaaay, !  

Sept 27th - Goodnight, friend.  

Sept 29th - Ready to Walk in the rain for a Cure!  

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