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Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 2012 Tweets & Instagrams to Remember...

Nov 1st - I'm thankful: that my husband doesn't take part in No Shave November.

Nov 3rd - Usborne BFFs: Cuddle Bear and WhatIf Monster

Nov 4th - Callenism: Yay! I love waterlemon! (watermelon)

Nov 4th - They have informed me that they are, in fact, superheroes.  

Nov 5th - Sitting in the shady breeze, kids playing, doing our read-alouds in the backyard. This is the life! 

Nov 5th - Watching might be causing ill effects: bringing out my twang & I'm not hating the country music. Yikes! 

Nov 12th - Glad they are playing nicely together, but does it have to be right in the doorway of my bedroom?  

Nov 16th - Because my kids have never had these, had to  

Nov 18th - Happy birthday to me (3 weeks early). "The Scoop" has replaced my Senseo!  

Nov 18th - German food-ish. Kielbasa and Spaetzle.  

Nov 20th - The pineapple is officially dressed for Thanksgiving!  

Nov 21st - Callen points to a bump on the wall, "What's that?" Me: "Just a lump in the wall." Him: "Yay! I LOVE LUMPY THINGS!" Um, ok. Lol. 

Nov 22nd - Oh my gosh, I cannot even handle the military/American Airlines commercials.  

Nov 22nd - And commercials..... Aughhhhh! Continue . I am such a girl/baby. 

Nov 22nd - I love that even our Morning Board looks nice and festive today!  

Nov 22nd - Happy 2012 from The Clarks!  

Nov 23rd - Wow, Callen got REALLY good at Hide & Seek! He says, "I fit in here just fine." Haha. Can u see him?  

Nov 24th - Last piece of my mom's chocolate chip pecan pie. Noooooooo!  

Nov 26th - Ok, here's a new one: Pie Spice Pringles.  

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