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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December 2012 Tweets & Instagrams to Remember...

Dec 3rd - Finally got around to wrapping the birthday presents. Can't believe my boy turns SEVEN tomorrow.

Dec 4th - Yep. My big guy is 7 today!  

Dec 7th - powerfm party over here!  

Dec 8th - There's a tree in our house!  

Dec 9th - Oh yeah! Baby, it's cold outside!  

Dec 10th - Brrrr! Snow on my van this morning. Happy birthday to me!  

Dec 10th - Had a mini-heart attack, LOST Callen at the scout meeting. Somehow he got away & was in a diff bldng completely for like 10 minutes.

Dec 11th - So I got a new phone I have no idea how to use. Including how to answer a call or which side is up, which is down most of the time. 

Dec 13th - Tell me HOW one loses a pair of shoes u wear ALL the time? Like completely vanished. I don't even know what to say.

Dec 13th - Checking out the Dead Sea Scrolls. My head is spinning, but its so fascinating!

Dec 14th - My heart hurts. Sitting here watching Christmas tv w/my little one, can't stop hugging him. So many families w/out their littles tonight. 

Dec 16th - Watching a crazy disaster movie on ION called Christmas Twister, based here in DFW. They keep saying "the I-35" and such. Um, no.

Dec 17th - Working on our handprint snowmen cards. Brotherly teamwork!

Dec 18th - Cubscouts Christmas Party w/Santa! @ First United Methodist Church

Dec 20th - Merry Christmas! Childrens Fired Up for Jesus fun! @ Grace Fellowship Church

Dec 21st - Love our GFC Childrens Ministry picture ornament!

Dec 24th - Eating Goldfish and watching Ernest Saves Christmas, lol.

Dec 25th - Santa came! Filled their stockings w/fun stuff!

Dec 25th - Daddy made corn fritters. At first P said they were disgusting, then he asked for more.

Dec 25th - Exciting white stuff around here!

Dec 26th - Callen napping, M and P playing in the other room, I'm snuggled on the couch watching You've Got Mail. Merry 3rd Day of Christmas!

Dec 29th - That's a big one! Giant Christmas tree at the Galleria. @ Galleria Dallas

Dec 29th - Just experienced an American Girl Doll store. Completely different atmosphere for a boy mom, I guess.

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