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Friday, March 1, 2013

February 2013 Tweets & Instagrams to Remember...

Feb 1st - I want to always remember moments like this, when they are being sweet to each other. Preston helped…

Feb 2nd - New shower curtain, yay. Heehee, caught Callen doing his biz.  

Feb 3rd - Superbowl cookout in the backyard. Guess the groundhog was right... Springtime weather for today anyway  

Feb 9th - My boys just might be a tad too excited to watch a Tinkerbell movie, haha.  

Feb 13th - Preston was sad that his toes busted through his shoes. But then we found nearly the exact same pair in a…  

Feb 14th - Watching movies with my littlest valentine this evening.  

Feb 16th - The boys wanted a 'sleepover'... they are in Callen's room giggling their heads off right now. Think there's any chance they'll fall asleep?

Feb 17th - The loves of my life. I locked them in a tower so they could not escape.

Feb 18th - Curse you, Milton Bradley! Curse you!

Feb 22nd - Love this view.  

Feb 23rd - You betcha! (My maiden name was Jade Lilly!)  

Feb 24th - Both kids are crying... must be time to leave for church. Oh, they love church, its just that they have to have their drama before hand. 

Feb 25th - Family photos tomorrow and he bonked his noggin good. But he's fine, obviously. Lol.  

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