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Monday, April 1, 2013

March 2013 Tweets & Instagrams to Remember...

Mar 5th - What does one even DO on Twitter anymore? Hmm?

Mar 7th - T-Shirt says it all... Heck yes, we were there!

Mar 10th - My three-year-old on the way to church! Happy birthday, Callen!

Mar 14th - Doing one no-no after another must be exhausting. I put him in his room for time-out, 5 minutes later,…

Mar 14th - And then I said, "No, this is Perry the Platypus!"

Mar 16th - Never thought I'd live somewhere with a lake view from my backyard. And even though it isn't a lake and…

Mar 21st - Someone should tell these kids its Spring now.

Mar 24th - Those freckles kill me.  

Mar 24th -  He is my sunshine.  

Mar 26th - , most of MFW ECC is in my possession now. So excited for next year! Can't wait to…  

Mar 31st - My handsome guys in their new Easter/Spring clothes. They are so excited to wear them to church.  

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