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Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013 Instagrams & Tweets to Remember...

June 3rd - First sprinkler fun of the season

June  12th - Complimentary Mouthwash machine at . Wait, what????!??

June 17th - Someone is being a sweet, cuddly bear this morning. from this one.

June  19th - Date night! @ Fuzzy's Taco Shop

June 21st - I wore a dress, y'all!  

June 25th - Watching a movie together. This lasted all of 60 seconds but gahhh, so cute!  

June 26th - I am blessed with precious friends who are encouraging... And can bake cinnamon rolls from scratch…  

June 30th - Pastor Reggie's last Sunday with GFC. Pastor Deb says, "He'll be back to lead us sometimes. Right? You have now!"

My Twitter usage has dwindled these days. This type of post may be coming to an end... 

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