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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

House Update & Callenism...

We have a decent offer on our house.  In negotiations at the moment.  Trying not to get all crazy excited about it, because there are so many hoops to jump through before things are set.  But YAAAAYYYYYY to the possibility of this 'moving' thing finally happening (we are at 73 days on the market).  We had two or three much lower offers, so this one IS exciting, for sure.  Now can we start going to look at houses for US, please?!?!  Lol.


Callen (3 years old) normally has a hard time just laying down and going to sleep at night.  As most young children, he tries to avoid bedtime like the plague.  Last night he was in his bed for a while, then came out and down the hall to me in the living room.  Apparently, he had been pondering something and it needed to be straightened out before he could sleep...

Callen: Mom?
Me: Callen, get back in your bed.
Callen:  Is George Washington a people or a state?
Me (trying to suppress a giggle): He is a person.
Callen:  Ok, a people. :::starts to go back into his room, then turns back around:::  Mom?
Me: Yes?
Callen: Is he just one people?
Me: Yes, one person.  Goodnight.
Callen: Thanks Mom.  Goodnight.  :::goes back to bed, falls asleep:::

I love that kid.


Jill said...

Aw! Missing that little guy.

Joanne said...

Sounds just like Mattias... Except he's in a crib and can't get out. He just might be in there forever