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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Got a contract on the House! (and then we didn't)

So, after 75 excruciatingly long days of being on the market (ok, I'm sure they were regular days for anyone other than me), our house is under contract.  The Inspector (and buyer, eep! He's an investor, by the way, and will be using it as a rental... oh well) came last night to do what they do.  Waiting to hear if he found anything that needs negotiating, and, obviously, praying he didn't.  If this all pans out, closing date is September 12th.  30 Days!!!

We have been to look at a handful of houses so far.  Most have been disappointing... it's amazing how they can look so great online, and then totally not live up to that idea.  We did find one we like and are considering in Arlington, but would like to look more.  It's not everything we want, but could definitely work well and is definitely the best we've seen so far.  It's in a fantastic neighborhood, it's in great shape, the price is right.  Cons are that the backyard is a lot smaller than we've been hoping for, it doesn't have an extra space (like a formal dining or extra bedroom to set up school - and yes, that is really important to me, though I KNOW, from experience, we can school "anywhere.")  It also would need major updating... carpets ripped out, flooring installed, and the wallpaper fairy got cray-cray up in there... but those aren't really big issues in my opinion, totally doable.  So, like I said, we're continuing our hunt, checking out a wide variety of areas and styles of homes. Our house is out there, just waiting for us.

We've got 30 days (barring anything unforeseen with the sale of this house) to find our new home!


Update, 8/15/13: Well, the buyer wants an additional sum of money towards "repairs."  That additional sum of money would be pretty much our whole savings towards down payment on our new home.  We can negotiate, but pretty sure we'll have to come up with something for him and it will wipe out our chance at a down payment at all.  I am bummed, but hopeful that we can come up with something to continue moving forward.  Another option would be to move outside of the Metroplex to an area that has USDA 0% Down loans available.  I wasn't really thinking we'd have to move that far... and it certainly wouldn't be convenient for Michael's work, our church, and my parents (who already think we live too far away - and are our main babysitters!).  I am trying to remain positive, but as a natural what-if worrier, my mind is racing.  Hoping to hear some good news from our realtor and/or lender today... perhaps they will find some sort of special loan/grant/something we qualify for that will help us.  Would greatly appreciate prayers for precise, clear guidance from the Lord on how to proceed (or not proceed).


Update, 8/16/13: Ahh, the exciting ups and downs of selling/buying a house!  Yesterday, we were presented with additional options, so rural living may NOT be our only hope after all.  We saw a house we liked in NRH.  Well, we REALLY liked the street/neighborhood, the house needs a lot of work and is WAY above our new price range.  But, who knows what God is capable of, right?  We are continuing our search.  A counter-offer was sent to the buyers on the repair costs, waiting to hear from them.  And, according to our realtor, if they accept and we keep our closing date with them...we need to have a contract on our NEW home by the end of next week.  Um.  Ok.  No problem.  EEP!


Update, 8/16/13: And about an hour after I posted the last update, we find out that our buyer has backed out.  No real reason given, just changed their mind.  Wow.  Ok.  Back to square one, I guess.  And I was really enjoying not having the showings, but ... we'll see.  I don't know what the next step is.  Call the whole thing off?  Keep showing it?  Do some repairs and then try again?  I just don't know.  Relying on God for continued guidance in all things.


Mrs. K. said...

Hey, Jade! It was nice meeting you today!

~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog

Jill said...

Someday you'll look back on all this business with the house and smile. (Trust me!)

God is at work . . .