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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Callenism on God and the Potty...

Callen was doing his business, when he asked a very serious question...

Callen: Mom, does God go poopy on the potty?
Me: Um... no.
Callen: What?! He doesn't? Where does he go poopy?
Me: He doesn't.
Callen: HUH?!?
Me: God doesn't have a body like we do.
Callen: He doesn't have a body? He only has a HEAD?!
Me: :::laughing::: No, he doesn't have a body, he doesn't need one. He doesn't go poopy.
Callen: Mom, God goes poopy on the potty.  He has to.
Daddy (from the other room): God is invisible!
Callen: We can't see him?  Can I see him in heaven?
Me: Yes, hon.  And then you can talk to him about all this, ok?
Callen: Ok.

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Jill said...

But Jesus did when he was here on earth! (Just not the same type of commode as we have today.)