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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Simple Goals for January 2014

So, yeah... it's 2014 already.  I cannot believe that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's are gone.  It's quite unbelievable, and almost unfair.  I don't feel like I really got to enjoy the moments because they flew by at a thousand miles an hour.  And now here we are... a brand new year, and "the holidays" are history.

I'd like to start setting some goals for myself each month.  Nothing mind-blowing, like, taking over the 'tri-state area' (leaving that to Dr. Doofenshmirtz).  Simple tasks that need to be done, but that I routinely lack motivation to do.  Perhaps keeping track of them here will help me feel accountable to my list.  I do so enjoy marking things off of a list, after all.

So, here we go.  5 Simple Goals for January 2014...
  • Pack Christmas paraphernalia away, return house to 'normal.'
  • Unpack/organize DVDs/VHS/CDs (yes, we still use VHS, hush).
  • File bills/paperwork and catch up on financial software program.
  • Consider Usborne goals for the year, and report to upline.
  • Catch up on blog (the move, school, birthdays, Christmas, etc).


Jade Clark said...

Update #1: I chose to first start catching up on the financial program. I had left off on October 10th. Do you know how many times we've made a financial transaction between then and now? Holy cheese balls! Apparently this is too lofty of a 'simple' goal right now.

Jade Clark said...

Update #2: Spent the weekend taking down Christmas stuff and finding a place for it all. Normally, we leave it up till the 7th or so, but the weather is gonna be crazy cold this week, so the outside stuff came down on the 70-degree day (instead of the 20-degree one!), and that just kinda naturally led to inside stuff coming down.

Also, got the Money stuff all logged. Whew.

Jade Clark said...

Update #3: I posted several back-dated blogs to cover Preston's bday, the Ice Days we had and Christmas. I think that's all I'm gonna do. We moved several months ago, what more do I really need to blog about it now that it's been a while (I don't remember all the details I wanted to write now anyway, lol). So, woo hoo, one more thing off the list and it's only the 8th!

Plus, I cleaned out our extra room and made 6 freezer meals just today. I'm on a roll!

Jade Clark said...

Update #4: I have not had a lot of time to think about Usborne goals. I mean, I guess I have had the time, just... haven't done it. I dunno. Anyway, they just announced the new Connect4Challenge. If I meet the goals Feb-May, I can go to convention for free (just like last year, yay!). So, right now, that is the goal I am concentrating on. I definitely don't want to miss the 25th Anniversary of UBAM and getting there free is most likely the only way I can attend!

Jade Clark said...

Update #5: I unpacked 7 boxes of CDs and put them in our storage rack. They are not organized in any sort of manner, but c'mon... ain't nobody got time for 'dat. At least they are out of boxes and my closet has more room. Last thing on the January list is the one remaining box of DVDs... gotta find somewhere for those!

Jade Clark said...

Update #6 (Final): Well, I never did get around to getting the racks put up for the DVDs that are still in the box, so... the box is still sitting there in my bedroom floor. Oh well, it isn't that annoying.

Proud of myself or being able to tackle these things I didn't want to, but needed to. Especially with all the other stuff going on this month (ie. brother-in-law suddenly moving in and having to completely clear out an entire room!).