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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Too Much Excitement in my Neighborhood...

A few weeks ago, Michael was working on the light switches near the front door and I was in the kitchen working on dinner with the back door slightly open... at the just the moment I noticed, he asked, "Do you smell smoke?"  We stepped out on the front porch and couldn't see anything but thick, dark smoke.  Something was definitely on fire.  Because of the wind and the amount of smoke, it was really difficult to tell which direction it was even coming from!  Michael didn't have his shoes on, so I stepped out towards the road and then just kept going when I finally realized where it was coming from.  Turns out a garage (separate from the house) was on fire just one block over.  I had met a woman who lived at this house a week or two before at the park, and recognized her teenage son coming out of the door of the house next to the garage.  Another couple had been driving by and saw the flames and called 911 already, and was trying to see if there was anyone in the house.  The firemen arrived just a minute or two later and got to work.  It took a long time and a lot of work to finally get it under control and put it out.  The family has spent the past few weeks trying to tear down the wreckage and haul it away because all of it was basically burnt down.  It was pretty crazy to see a fire like that so close.

A day or two later there was some sort of domestic disturbance (I assume) and there was a shooting just a few blocks over the other direction.  The boys and I weren't home at the time, but Daniel (who is living with us now, by the way) said he heard the Care Flight landing near the Fire Station to transport the victim to the hospital.

And just a few days ago, I heard a loud BOOM around 9am in the morning.  I looked out the window and saw the construction guys were still working across the street (laying new water lines or something).  So, I assumed it was them making the noise and went back to lay in the bed with Callen.  A few minutes later I heard a lot of sirens (which is pretty common, since we're so close to the station), but they got closer and closer and stopped.  I jumped up and opened the front door to see the construction guys standing near their site with their phones all up, pointing at something on the side of our house and the firetrucks were pulling up along the side street, too.  I quickly ran down the hall to the boys' side window and looked out.  There was the house across the street - ON FIRE!  WHAT?!  It was a crazy sight because the side of the house, part of the roof, the carport and the yard was fully aflame.  If the fire truck hadn't just pulled up where it did, I would have seen that their van was completely on fire, too!  I watched the action for a long time, and they got it under control.  But my gosh, that was so close!  Way too close! I am not sure what the cause of the fire was, or how much damage there was to their house yet.  It's a brick home and it seems like the majority of the fire was the van and the carport, but I'm not sure.  I don't know if the BOOM had anything to do with it, or was a coincidence, either.  If I had gotten up and out of bed just a little bit earlier, I would have had a perfect view of what happened right out my kitchen window.

Here I thought living out here in the "country" would mean there would be way less drama - boy, was I wrong!

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