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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Callen Turns Five!

Callen is officially 5 years old now.  We are having a CupCake Wars party for him this evening, lol.  He went through a slew of party theme ideas and this is the one that stuck, because they get to decorate their own cupcakes... woo hoo!

Let's see, this year... Callen has learned his letter sounds, how to write most of them and sound them out so he's on the verge of reading!  He has a fantastic memory and often surprises us by bringing up obscure things that happened a long time ago (things that we barely remember), but he remembers clearly.  He loves playing ball of any kind, running around and riding his bike (with training wheels).  He likes to play on the iPad, of course.  His favorite shows lately are Scooby Doo Mysteries, Jake & The Neverland Pirates and Super Hero Squad.  He loves all things superhero and action-packed. 

We have been having some on-going issues with him thinking he's in charge and not respecting authority.  He is a strong-willed child, for sure.  He is also quite aggressive and will throw things and hit, still.  Praying and working on that!  But he can also be incredibly sweet and kind.  Every time he hears me say "ow," he asks if I'm OK or need help.  He doesn't know he's little, and tries to do everything (or more) that Preston does.  Which, obviously, doesn't always work out for the best.  He switches back and forth between being excited and not wanting to be a big brother, haha.  So, we'll see how he feels when the time comes.

Happy birthday to my Callen-Bear!

My Five-Year-Old Callen!

Looking back...

Newborn Callen with giraffe

1 year old Callen with giraffe

2 year old Callen with giraffe

3 year old funny face with giraffe.
4 year old Callen

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Jill C. said...

Hopefully five will be a time of growing out of certain behaviours. Stay strong and be consistent, Mom.