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Monday, March 30, 2015

I Kind of Forgot to Announce This Here...

I was pretty sure I had already posted about this specific topic, and yet... when I looked, I couldn't find it.  Um, oops.  That's rather embarrassing.  So, the news is...

We're expecting Baby #3 towards the end of August!  Yep, another Clark on the way!

We found out on the morning of Christmas Eve.  I had been sick the week before (like allergies, cold, not morning sickness) and was just feeling "off" and hadn't had my cycle in a bit.  That's normal for me though, being irregular and all.  But for some reason, I felt like I should take a test.  I had taken tests the previous months fully expecting a POSITIVE and not getting one.  This time I fully expected a NEGATIVE and yet... it was POSITIVE!  I was so shocked!  I ran in and woke Michael up, telling him "Christmas Eve Gift!"  He didn't know what to think and ended up trying to go back to sleep, lol.  I wanted to tell everyone right away, but we agreed to wait and confirm more and give it a while.  It's funny, because about half a dozen of my friends made Big Announcements on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day... and then New Years, too... and I was just over here, like, ME TOO!  Lol.

I started feeling bad pretty quickly after finding out we were expecting.  We announced to my parents and Michael's.  We told Jill and Steve in person because they were in town staying at the Ranch in Ennis for the Winter.  We told my parents by meeting them at Jason's Deli.  We didn't tell the kids right away, though.  When I went on my Leadership Retreat to Branson, MO, I had to tell the gals I was riding with in case I ended up being sick (I was nauseous a lot, but hadn't hurled at that point).  I also told Candi and Regina around that time, I was just too excited to keep it to myself.  Haha. 

We finally made our big announcement by posting on Facebook, and received a ton of likes and comments from friends and family.  I was so glad it was out.  We also told the boys... Preston seemed kind of excited and Callen pretended to be a cat, so we weren't really sure what his opinion was.  I commenced being really, really sick around that time.  There were days I couldn't keep anything down and could barely get out of bed.  This was different for me because as much as I felt bad and hurled with the previous two pregnancies, I would hurl and then feel better... it didn't last all day long like this.  Finally, around 17 weeks, the nausea faded and I haven't been physically sick since (knock of wood!).  I am still tired a lot and feel funky quite often, but so much better than the first trimester.

In about 3 weeks, we get to do the sonogram and find out what we're having.  I am so excited.  I feel like it's going to be a girl, but who knows... I am a "boymom," after all.  The other thing is that we are using midwives this time and will either use the birthing center or have a home birth.  We are still undecided at this point, but leaning towards home.  I'm nervous about that, but also extremely excited.  My previous births weren't horrible experiences, but they weren't what I wanted.  I ended up being induced both times, and I would prefer not to go that route.  So... hoping for as natural as possible, and what's more natural than at home?!

Ok, so there.  It's officially on the blog.  I can't believe I hadn't posted before.  Sorry Baby#3, there just aren't enough hours in the day, apparently.  But I promise you'll receive a lot more attention when you're here!


Jacquie said...

Congrats! Are you an usborne consultant? Leadership trainig in mo made me wonder. Glad you are feeling better and congrats again!

Jade Clark said...

Yes, I am!

Jill C. said...

X & O x 3! ;)