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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer has officially started, let's not leave the house...

Just wanted to post a quick update since I have a few minutes (kids are asleep and yes, I should be too!). 

First... Callen:

  • A few nites ago, he was making some fussy noises letting me know he was hungry, so I went to get him.  He's been sleeping in his crib for several weeks now - we both sleep better that way!  Anyway, when I went in to pick him up, he was on his back!  Which means he rolled over, 'cause I always lay him down on his belly to sleep!  He's done that a few more times since then, but I have yet to actually SEE him roll over.  Sneaky snake!  He's been scooting all over this crib too... he's never where I leave him, that's for sure!
  • He's now crying real tears.  It's pretty much the saddest thing to see little tears welling up in his eyes and then brimming over.  Don't cry, baby!!!  And when he gets really upset, he gets the BIGGEST frowny face I've ever seen in my entire life.  I keep trying to capture it in a picture because you seriously can't even believe the size of this guy's frown.  It will straight up break your heart!   =(
  • He's also starting to laugh.  He's got the giant, gummy grin down, but over the past few days he's developed a little laugh as well.  It's usually at Preston, but I've managed to get one out of him a few times.  He really likes it when you hold him up in the air and bring him to down to your face.  He does this adorable blinky thing, smiles that giant grin and will sometime laugh out loud.  It's so cute!
  • Callen is definitely filling out.  It looks like we MIGHT get a bit of a chunkster out of him.  Preston looked slightly chunky for like two days of his whole life.  Haha.  He never got rolls or was a chubby baby at all... so we're just waiting to see if Callen is gonna chunk up or not.  He sure eats enough to do it, no problem.

  • He is continuing to do an excellent job reading these days.  Lots of trips to the library in store for us!  I see how my parents felt when I was constantly needing to go to the library for new books.  Haha!  He is constantly reading signs or things we pass... it's so awesome he's getting it so quickly and easily.  I really wondered how I was gonna teach a kid to read, but he's practically teaching himself.  I just told him that since he knows what each letter sounds like, sound out the words by putting those sounds together.  Sure, there are lots of little tricks and words that don't follow the rules, but he's really getting a good grasp on them and figuring it all out. 
  • He is taking swimming lessons.  While he doesn't always pay attention, he seems to be getting the basic idea down when it comes down to it.  He doesn't care for the part where they are practicing the same thing over and over, but when he actually has to put everything together (arms, kicks, floating)...he's doing pretty good.  I'm thankful we're getting to do the lesson at an indoor pool!  Though it's enough trouble in the heat to get there and back (it's like 2 minutes from our house, haha), plus it's so steamy inside the pool area, yuck!  I seriously just don't like Summer if you couldn't tell already.
  • And yes, we're still going through a pretty nasty defiant phase.  He has little bouts of rage that just spring up outta nowhere.  I'm glad that he never seems to have those feelings or actions towards Callen at all, just me and Michael and himself.  In fact, he can be in the middle of a fit and get distracted by Callen's coos or cries and instantly he switches into sweet, big brother again.
I'm doing my best to keep the boys entertained since I don't want to leave the house.  Still trying to find the attention balance between an infant and a 4-year-old.  Luckily they play really well together and enjoy each others company long enough for me to go to the bathroom or do the dishes, etc.  When I have the balance between them working just right, I still feel like I'm completely leaving out my husband and never seeing him.  Could REALLY go for a new job for him right about now.  God's timing is perfect, but my impatience is awfully strong.  This current job not only causes him to be away from us during a time we want him home, but also is incredibly detrimental to his health.  When he is with us, he's got this migraine going on and just feels awful all the time.  He's had all kinds of tests and seen all kinds of doctors and the only thing they've boiled it down to is the job and lack of sleep.  So the only solution seems to be: new job!  Only... they aren't easy to find these days, as you well know I'm sure.  So, we're praying and TRYING to be patient and in the mean time doing our best to help him feel better and get some sleep during the day. 

Michael and Becca were listening to the Joy Electric cover album... Preston started dancing and Callen started laughing and trying to dance too:

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