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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oh Sleeper, part 2...

After I posted about our sleep troubles, I had a few people respond with a few tips.  The best answer came in the form of a book sent to me in pdf form called Sleep Sense Program (thank you, April!).  I read through the parts that would pertain to us and gained some inspiration and ideas.  And put them to use.  Even though we're only on Day 3 of it, it's already working!  Woo hoo!  The two main things I learned is that I need to be putting him to bed earlier than I have been.  And I need to put him to bed awake, and let him fall asleep completely on his own.

First, our schedule has always been slightly crazy and my kids have been nightowls.  When Preston was born, Michael and I were both working 2nd shift.  We'd get off work around 10pm, we'd be grocery shopping with our baby at 11pm... it was no big deal, we'd stay up till 2 and get up at 10am.  Then, for a short while we had daytime jobs, then Michael went nites.  We let Preston, and then Callen as well, stay up till Michael left for work (1030pm) so they could have the most time with him and since I was home, we could just sleep till 9 or 10am, and it was fine.  Then Michael got moved to days (praise the Lord!), and he was originally gonna work 10am, then things changed and he now works at 7:30am... so we've been all over the place and have yet to stick to a certain bedtime/get up time.  So, that's been a big problem with our sleep schedule.  I was keeping Callen up later than he wanted to (he would get sleepy around 8pm, but I always tried to keep him up till 10pm).  So, the first thing I realized is that I need to get Callen to bed around 8:30pm.  And Preston around 9:30.

Second, with Preston, I always nursed or rocked him to sleep.  And even up until Callen was born, he would sleep with me most nites.  So, I never just stuck him in his bed and let him fall asleep on his own.  With Callen, I've been nursing him to sleep, then trying to gently lower him into his crib, all while praying he stays knocked out.  Only, he wouldn't stay asleep, he'd pop right up the second I put him down.  Then he'd cry/scream, and I'd pick him up and try again.  So, the last few nites I put him in his crib around 8:30pm, while he was still awake, turned off the light and left him there.  The first nite he cried for quite a while, but eventually fell asleep, and stayed asleep till 4!  Then, I nursed him and he went right back to sleep until 10am!  Wow!  The second nite (last nite), I put him down at 8:30pm, he fussed (didn't scream/cry!) for about 10 minutes, and went silent.  I checked on him around 9 and he was sound asleep.  He slept till 5am!  I nursed him, put him back down and he laid right down (didn't resist, cry or try to get back up at all!)... he didn't fall asleep right away, but he laid there!  He fell back asleep until about 9:45am!  So yeah... two nites in a row, this new routine has been a success!  Here's hoping it sticks!!!

I'm also excited because putting the boys to bed earlier, means Michael and I might get some alone time before bed.  We have not had that since.... uh.... yeah, never!  Seriously, since Preston was born!  Crazy!  It's funny that I've read books and articles on getting your kids to sleep before, but they never actually helped... so glad this one has!


[You can ignore this part, I'm keeping track of our sleep habit for about a week, so I can see how it's working!]

Thursday (02/10)-
Callen put down in his bed 8:45pm, commence crying
Michael checks on and soothes at 9:30pm, more crying
Preston to bed at 9:40pm
We notice it's quiet at 10pm
I'm in bed at 10:30pm
Callen wakes up at 4am, fusses a little for 10 mins, I check on him & nurse him.
Back in his bed at 4:30, by 4:45 he's back to sleep

Friday (02/11)-
I'm up at 7:30am, shower and start laundry!
Woke Preston up at 8am
Callen woke up at 10am! Wow!
Naps for both at 2pm. Preston didn't sleep, but was allowed up at 3pm when Callen woke up.
After bath and bedtime routine, put Callen in his crib at 8:35pm, he wasn't happy about it
Fussed/babbled off and on for 10 mins (not real crying/screaming), went silent
Checked on him at 9:05pm - sound asleep with his musical giraffe in his arms!
Preston to bed at 10:05 or so.
Callen woke up to nurse at 5:20am, got him back to sleep, but as I was sneaking out the door, my ankle popped and he woke right up!  Oops.  Got him back down, snuck out and the door close him woke him up again, but  just left him and a few minutes later he was asleep again.  Each time I was putting him back to sleep, I just laid him back down and he stayed, no fussing - so something is working!

Saturday (02/12)-
I got Preston up at 9, and Callen woke up around 9:45am.
Callen fell asleep for maybe 20 minutes, and that's pretty much all the nap he had today.
Preston = none.
Got Callen fed, changed and into bed around 8:30, he fussed a littled, maybe 5 minutes and zonked out.
Preston to bed a little after 10, he was watching Daddy play Epic Mickey.
I got up and headed for bed around 11:30, when I walked by Callen's room I peaked in and saw that he was starting to stand up in his crib.  Uh oh!  I left him alone to see if he'd go back to sleep.
He started crying, and kept it up for a good 15 minutes.  So I went in an nursed him again.
Put him back down and left the room.  He cried and screamed for a while longer, Michael went in to soothe him.  No luck, more crying.  I think he finally settled down and fell asleep sometime between 1 and 2am!  Yuck.
He then slept till 7, I nursed him, and back to sleep

Sunday (02/13)-
Preston was up just after 9am and Callen slept till 9:30 or so.
Callen fell asleep in the car on the way home from our picnic lunch, around 2pm.
Woke up from nap around 330, I think.
Put Callen down at 8:15pm, he was pretty upset about it, cried/screamed/huffed for 25 mins, fell asleep.
Preston in bed at 10:05pm
Callen woke up around 2am, nursed him, back to sleep... took around 45 mins.

Monday (02/14)-
Callen up at 7:15am

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David and April Vinson said...

Hurray! So glad things are going well! Sleep for me too! This newborn phase is crazy rough! :)