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Monday, March 28, 2011

Just a bit of catch up...

I've been doing a lot of prompts and homeschool and review blogs lately.  Thought I would take a few minutes just to write out some other stuff going on around here.

Michael: Working.  A. lot.  He's done an amazing job of juggling two jobs.  I'm very proud of and grateful to my husband for doing this for us.  I know it's not easy, and it's definitely not fun.  We miss him a lot on those days he's gone from 6:30am to 9pm-ish.  Unfortunately his delivery job started right about the time that gas has sky rocketed, so most of the tips he has coming in go straight into the gas tank. But besides that, the second income is keeping us afloat... which is relieving for sure!  The headaches are still there.  We're in the process of getting a prescription for a CPAP machine to see if the Sleep Apnea is the main culprit.  It would be so nice to finally have a cure for his constant pains.  We hope to know soon!

Preston:  Well, I blog all the time about Preston's schooling, so you can easily see how that is going.  He's getting so big!  Well, taller anyway... he's still rather skinny and hasn't quite solidly made it to 40lbs!  He's been 38-39lbs FOREVER I think.  He's too active, he burns any calories he consumes within minutes.  Wish I was like that, geez.  Anyway, we're still having discipline and attitude issues.  Some days are better than others, of course.  He hates not being in charge, and constantly gets in trouble for trying to tell everyone what to do and being demanding.  But... we're working on it.  He's a sweet, snuggly boy at times and I do so cherish those moments!  

Callen:  My baby is learning new words every day.  He's recently started saying "light" and "ball" very clearly and purposefully.  He has said "buh-flu" (butterfly), he says "bop" meaning his beloved Boppy, and has repeated some things like "door," "more" and some others.  He has figured out how to stand up for several seconds at a time.  No steps by himself just yet, but I imagine it won't be long now that he has finally realized he stand alone.  He's eating lots of different table foods, and we're still nursing about 4 times a day.  He's going to sleep fine, but still wakes up once a night, sometimes more.  He usually naps twice a day too.  And good grief, is he a handful!  His favorite thing to do lately is mess with the TV and cable/dvr box.  Loves to turn it on and off over and over.  He loves getting into Preston's stuff.  Loves cords and plugs (yikes!).  Pretty much anything that's a 'no no'... that's what he wants.  Typical toddler behavior, of course.

Me:  Just getting fat and lazy.  We've had a free trial of U-verse and I have been watching way more TV than usual because of it.  Don't worry, it goes away in a week or so.  But, other than that... just trying to keep myself sane being with my own kids 24/7.  That sounds bad, huh?  :::shrug:::  I think you know what I mean.  I have a hard time juggling my load... I can have an awesome day with the kids and forget to make dinner till we're starving.  Or I can have dinner planned and made if I leave the kids fussing and crying for an hour.  I dunno, I just really don't know how some moms do it.  It's difficult.  I could be trying harder, it's true.  Less facebook, less blog reading (and writing!?), wayyyy less TV... that would probably help.  I need to work on my energy level, 'cause lately it's at zero.  And that's just not enough for two kids (or my husband or my house!).  Where's my motivation!?!

Speaking of motivation, we do have something to look forward to!  A vacation!  We're going with my parents to San Antonio for a few days towards the end of April.  I love having something specific to look forward to, and I dunno... there's just something about having a daily countdown towards something.  Haha.  I can't wait!!  I don't want to rush it, though... March has already flown by as much as it is. 

Ok, I think that's about all I can think of and get in right now.  


Kelly said...

I struggle with the dinner thing too! These days I just start dinner at 4:30, no matter what. I'll try to set the kids up with a movie or computer game, but it doesn't always work. A lot of the time I have to just push through and get it done. Dave really likes having dinner on time. If he wasn't home for dinner, though, I know I would really struggle! We would probably just have cereal or mac and cheese every night!

David and April Vinson said...

I have to say I think you're doing an amazing job!! I'm so impressed with your homeschoolling and documentation of it!! I can't believe you do this and care for a one year old on top of regular responsibilities! So don't be so hard on yourself!! And uh.... I was just complaining to David about how overwhelmed I feel with everything and that I can't get anything done!!! Dinner? Who's got time for that?! ;)

Jade =) said...

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies!