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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bluebonnets 2011

Jill and I took the boys out to attempt some bluebonnet pictures this morning.  Both kids were in great moods to start off with, so I was hopeful we'd have a successful outing.  Ehhhh, well, it could have been worse I suppose.  Neither of the boys were too cooperative when it came to posing... or looking at the camera.  Which resulted in a bunch of photos of the top, back or sides of their heads.  Oh well.  They got to get out and enjoy nature... so that's a plus.  Between the two of us I think we got a small handful of photos that weren't downright awful.  Haha.

Before we even got in the car, Preston discovered that Grandma had a bluebonnet on her license plate!

Grandma drives a Mustang, ya know.
Why are we doing this again?
That's my Emo Boy!
I caught a sweet face!  Yay!
They were interested in the flowers.

They definitely had more fun at the park afterwards though...
Back and forth, in and out of this log!
Taking a break from running around.
A little comparison from last year's bluebonnet pictures...
Clark Boys 2011
Clark Boys 2010

I think it's safe to say that they've grown a bit in the past year!  Haha!


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