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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Calendar Updates...

Callen (yes, we call him "Calendar" quite often actually) has been up to too much good lately, not to post about it!

Bop! Bop!

He's on the verge of walking.  He'll stand at the couch, then turn around and just take off like he's a natural walker.  Of course, he usually bites it after the first step.  But he's brave!  He'll get up and try again.  Over and over.  A few times he's made two steps and once I saw three steps!  So, it won't be long now.  He seems determined.  He can definitely stand on his own, whenever he wants to.  He stood for a minute or two earlier watching TV.

The past week or so, he's been calling every animal a "moo moo."  This is probably because we went over "meow meow" for the cat and "moo moo" for the cow right in a row, and he seemed to really take to the "moo moo."  We then encouraged him over and over to say "moo moo" every time he saw a cow (which is often given my fondness for and collection of cows!).  So, then, he started pointing at all his animal toys individually and saying "moo moo."  Oops.  Moo-cow overload!  But, yesterday evening we were out in the front yard, and a lady walked by with her dog and he very clearly pointed and said "Woof! Woof!"  So, yay!  He didn't say moo!!!  Then, this morning, the boys were watching Sesame Street and a cow came on the screen and he pointed and said "moo moo!"  He didn't say that about any of the other animals.  I guess we're making progress.  Lol!

He wakes up every morning saying "Bop! Bop!"  That means he wants his Boppy, which... of course, means he wants to nurse.  He will also drag the Boppy, which is still nearly bigger than he is, across the room to me during the day when he wants it.  He is also an expert peek-a-boo player and will say "Boo!" when he's doing it.  So stinkin' cute!

He also received his first nearly-black eye the other day.  I don't even know what happened.  One of those I-only-looked-away-for-a-second-and-then-there-was-crying moments.  Knocked his face into the table or something.  Has a pretty purple bruise right along his eyebrow.  And to go with that, yesterday we were out on the deck, he was standing while holding on to the chair... then he turned around and let go to take off walking, made it one step and smashed down on his face (all before I could react, of course!).  He has two lovely scratches right across his chin.  He's definitely a boy - and looks the part!  My tough guy!


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Anne Galivan said...

I have four children ages: 26, 23, 17 and 9. I so miss nursing my children! Enjoy it while it lasts. It truly is such a treasure filled with special moments.

Came by from the Hip Homeschool Hop.

Jill said...

Hi Calendar! See you soon. :)

Grandma Jill

PS: I second Anne's sentiment.