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Friday, April 1, 2011

March 2011 Tweets to Remember...

Mar 1st, 8:29pm - I vote Casey, Preston votes Tim & Callen votes James. #UhIWatchedIdolOops

Mar 2nd, 2:58pm - Chalking on the driveway. http://twitpic.com/45fui5

Mar 4th, 10:23pm - Told Michael to bring home his work (pizza) & join me for a movie (Star Trek Nemesis). Do the Clarks know how to rock a Friday nite or what?

Mar 6th, 3:32pm - Preston has wanted a Pillow Pet for a long time. Callen just got one for his birthday. Commence tears. 

Mar 9th, 10:18am - I rearranged the homeschool corner of the kitchen... again! Let's see if THIS arrangement minimizes toddler destruction. Hmph.

Mar 10th, 8:13am - My baby is one! My baby is one! Wait.... nooooo! :::sniff, sniff::: He's not a baby anymore! =(

Mar 10th, 11:54am - I used my laminator and a hot glue gun today. Watch out, hot stuff! (I mean me, of course.) 

Mar 10th, 4:28pm - Lord, thank You for this day & Your blessings in the form of amazing people who love You!

Mar 13th, 10:38am - First ride facing forward! http://twitpic.com/49502n       

Mar 14th, 3:41pm - Put the boys down at 3pm. Callen fussed for 20 mins, fell asleep. Preston then started crying & has been going 20 mins. C'mon, guys!

Mar 15th, 10:05am - Colleen & Collin? Really? Cal-len. Like Allen with a hard 'c' in front. It's.Not.That.Hard. 

Mar 15th, 4:05pm - Uhhhh, I just teared up while watching the intro to Gilmore Girls. I ... have problems. Lol!

Mar 17th, 5:58pm - Preston just said that he thinks mayonnaise tastes like "pig... with oyster sauce on it." Oooook. 

Mar 17th, 9:24pm - I seriously just threw up in my mouth watching @AndrewZimmern Bizarre Foods. I cannot believe the things people eat on purpose.

Mar 21st, 8:20am - P & I have discovered the amazingness of Nutella! #fbhttp://twitpic.com/4bsrfh

Mar 22nd, 7:53pm - I enjoy these Springtime evenings with the nice, cool breezes! Thank you, Lord, for such blessings !

Mar 24th, 2:16pm - I love having something specific to look forward to. 25 days til family vacation! 

Mar 26th, 1:38pm - For the first time in at least 6 months, I let us run out of @drpepper here at home. Oh, the humanity!!! #Panic

Mar 28th,6:58pm - I think his eyes might be just a bit bigger than his tummy on this one! http://twitpic.com/4efjnt Patty Shack in Grand Prairie @Groupon

Mar 31st, 2:31pm - Beautiful weather, trip to the park, walk to the animal adoption center to drool over baby kittens! Now the boys are worn out, yay!

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