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Monday, May 16, 2011

Baseball Blessings!

This weekend's weather could not have been better!  Middle of May and under 75-degrees, absolutely wonderful!  On Saturday we went to a birthday party for a 4-yr-old and spent a good deal of time outside enjoying the weather and some friends from church!  
Bounce! Bounce!

We decided we should take advantage of Preston's Junior Ranger perks and go to the Ranger game on Sunday since it would be too hot in the coming months!  At least for me and Callen - no thank you!  After church we raced home, changed clothes and headed to the ballpark.  So thankful it's only minutes away from us!  We paid to park, walked up to the ticket booth and even though we were there an hour early, the game was pretty much sold out (only standing room tickets and no-two-seats-together-type tickets).  Um, I can't stand for that long with a 14-month old and a 5-yr-old, no way.  We were pretty bummed at the thought of having to just go home.  So... Michael started walking around the ballpark to see if there was anyone selling tickets... sure, it would cost a lot more, but we didn't want to waste the great day!  Anyway, turns out there was a guy trying to sell back a couple of tickets he didn't need, but he was being told he couldn't sell them at the ballpark.  Michael stepped up at just the right moment and the man gave us the two tickets!  And not just any old tickets... 17 rows behind Home Plate.  Not bad!  
Great seats!

Michael offered to pay for them, but he said "no" (we tried several times to give him money... and the Neftali Feliz jersey the kid's got, but he wouldn't take anything).  We had to buy a standing room ticket so that we could all enter the ballpark, but then we just figured we would hold the kids in our laps.  Turns out, the seat next to us never got filled... so Preston got a seat there with us too!  It was such an amazing blessing of a day!  God just totally provided a fun, family day out... and the Rangers won!

Callen got antsy a few times (and didn't even nap allll day, only fell asleep when we were walking back to the car!), as did Preston, so we walked around a lot.  It did end up getting pretty warm when the sun wasn't behind the clouds and we weren't getting much breeze where we were.  But, overall, I can't complain about any of it!  Preston and Michael got to run the bases after the game too.  He loved that!
Who's a VIP?

Touching Home Plate
Adorable Father & Son time!


Michael said...

It was a loverly day. Praise the Lord for small miracles!

Jill said...

Home run! :)

musicalmary said...

I love the Ballpark in Arlington ~ I used to teach school in Irving and lived very close! Baseball is the best way to spend a family day!