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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Smooshed Pennies!

When we were in San Antonio for vacation a few weeks ago, Preston discovered the Penny Press machines.
We ended up with quite a handful, and my mom even found a Penny Passport to keep them in!  So, now we are on the lookout for any chance to "smoosh pennies!"

We were out in Grapevine for Mother's Day dinner with Michael's parents and thought we'd pop over to Bass Pro Shop to see if they had a machine, and they did!  Preston got all four of those designs!
Working the crank!
Then, we stopped by the Great Wolf Lodge to see if they would let us in to get ones from there.  They did!
No stealing!
And they even had a cute display with it!  Haha, Preston liked that!

So, dear friends, if you happen upon a Penny Press machine, please think about a certain 5-yr-old who has a new obsession!  In fact, you can even look up where the Penny Press machines are located all over the country (and world!).  Go here, look up your state and find some in your area - it makes for a fun scavenger hunt adventure!  And it normally only costs you 51cents!


katie said...

I used to love these machines! I did this all the time when we went to Cedar Point in northeast Ohio. It's so neat. :)

Danica said...

Our boys love to do those, too! Our youngest would try to spend them afterward. :D