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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day 2011...

We had a cookout with Michael's parents on Sunday after church. And, even though Michael had to work on Monday for a little while, we were able to get out and attend a Fourth of July Celebration in Irving on Monday evening. We had dinner at the Italian Cafe in Las Colinas, visisted the Mustangs and got to play a little at the water slides and bounce houses they had set up. Preston and Michael got to enjoy the Irving Symphony play some patriotic tunes!  Then, of course, fireworks!

Having fun in the water!
Boom! Boom!
A little nervous about it all.
Watching the fireworks together.
I was curious as to how Callen would react to the fireworks, they were pretty close and really loud.  He was sitting in front of me, and when it started, he turned around and crawled up in my lap and hugged my neck, then turned his head so he could still keep an eye on 'em.  After a little while, he sat in my lap and watched for a bit.  And finally, he got comfortable with 'em and sat/laid on the blanket with Preston.  He kept saying "Boom!" and smacking his head with his hand.  Haha!


Mary said...

So cute! I am glad you got to see fireworks. We didn't have any this year - burn ban because of the drought. :(

Joanne said...

Cute! Glad you guys had fun.

Linda said...

So cute! It took my son years to warm up to fireworks...your baby did great!!

I hopped over from the hop! Enjoyed my visit to your blog!!


tinaoglesby said...

back from the hhhop here. awe your post took me back (hubby and i both worked in the middle building behind the mustangs back in the day :))

always loved the 4th celebrations there! looks like greatfun for your family as well!!!