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Thursday, July 7, 2011

On Living With Boys & Lizards...

I'm squeamish when it comes to lizards, frogs and snakes.  I can squash the heck out of a spider, though, let me tell you!  But anyway, Preston and Callen have a least a half dozen of these little alligator guys, and I randomly find them all over the house.  A few of them are a completely unatural bright green, those ... don't bother me as much.  However, a few are a very realistic lizard color.  Those... tend to... startle me.

Attack of the lizard?!?!

Dead lizard?
We have had a rather large snake loose in our laundry room... I can hardly open that door without remembering that morning!  And we often have little geckos making themselves at home in our house (they've been found in every room!).  Just the other nite, I bent over to pick up something in the dark bathroom floor... just before I touched it, it moved.  It was a little gecko.  I'm terrified of the day I think I'm picking up one of their little alligator guys and it ends up being something real. So, I'm a little antsy when I run across one of these toys, 'cause.. .well, I don't like creepy, crawly things in my house!

He bathes, eats & plays with these guys
Unfortunately those types of toys are one of my toddler's favorite things to play with right now for some reason.  So... it's up to me to get over my fears!  I just pray that the day one of these adorable boys brings a real, live frog into the house I don't completely lose my mind.  Dear Lord, please don't let that ever happen.  Please, please, please and thank you!


Jade Steckly said...

hey, it's Jade! hehe
I'm following you from the blog hop...love your blog so far :) I don't get to meet many other Jade's...this is pretty cool!


Mary said...

Hahaha! I recently found a very realistic looking plastic lizard, strtegically placed next to the keyboard. I "eeeeked" of course and heard giggling and chuckling coming from under the school room table. Yep, they got me!

steufel said...

I'm totally afraid of spiders but can get along with frogs:-)

Candi said...

Once I was scraping something off the floor with my fingernails for a couple seconds before I realized it was a squished gecko. EWWWWWWWWWW.

About A Mom said...

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Peace Love & Poop said...


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Danica said...

I absolutely do NOT enjoy little slimy things. Or those that look slimy. :shudder:

Jenn4him said...

Those totally look real! I am being raised by two boys, myself, coming from a no boy childhood. I love my boys and all they teach me.