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Monday, August 8, 2011

Just life...

If things go as suspected, this Friday we'll be breaking the 1980 "heat wave" record, having more days over 100 degrees than EVER.  Oh, the joy.  Not.  Heat sucks the joy out of me.  Makes me cranky, sluggish and just plain un-fun.  Is it Fall yet?!?!

I've been so busy doing meme posts, that I haven't really posted much about every day life.  Callen is about to be 17 months old in a few days.  What a stinker!  His favorite past-time is climbing up on the kitchen table.  Or throwing the books off of the living room book shelf.  He's definitely a toddler!  Getting into everything, being a little booger... and looking adorable while doing it, of course.  It's a good thing they're cute, otherwise...  Anyway, he still adores his big brother... follows him around, attempts to copy his every move, calls for him if he happens to be out of sight.  The only thing he doesn't like about Preston is that Preston lovessss to hug.  Preston is my cuddly one, Callen... not so much.  He loves his brother, hates his brother's hugs.  Not sure what that's all about.  Haha.  The little one still only has eight front teeth.  No sign of any more to come.  His latest thing is to nod "yes" very deliberately when he means it.  He'll also shake his head no.  He has a lot of words, however we still can't get him to say "Callen."  Still working on that one.

Preston is doing very well with reading and writing.  When he sits and focuses on writing words, he can do an absolute perfect job!  He doesn't really like it, but he is getting better and better despite that.  We are still struggling with Preston's attitude and behavior.  We've been using the If-Then and Blessing Charts, and doing our best to stay consistent with him.  He just doesn't seem to learn his lesson no matter how hard we try to stick with a discipline.  We actually had a very serious incident last week where he ran away from his grandparents' house.  Pretty scary!  We had dropped the boys off on a Sunday afternoon so Michael and I could get some errands done, and upon returning we learned that while Preston and Grandpa had been outside playing after we left, Preston just started running down the sidewalk.  Grandpa followed and kept thinking he would stop so he could get caught up.  Only, he didn't.  And at one point after going around the block, Preston disappeared between some houses, so Grandpa lost track of him.  Grandpa cut through some houses and got back to his house to see if Preston had returned there, but he hadn't... so he went back out to look for him.  He found him at the end of the street, a lady had stopped in her car and was calling the cops because she had found a runaway child.  My son actually told the lady "I'm a runaway."  I am so very thankful that the lady that stopped was a NICE lady and didn't just snatch him and take off or something, I mean... the horrible things that could've happened blow my mind!  He crossed alleys and could have been hit by a car!  Just unreal.  I don't know what possessed him to do that, and he couldn't really give a straight answer.  I am still just in shock that it happened.

Other than the kids keeping me busy, I've been trying to get my Usborne business rolling.  I have my own domain now: HeyJadeBooks.com!  Did two parties on Saturday, and have a few more opportunities for various things lined up that I'm pretty excited about.  Also, I'm very excited that I'm joining a local homeschool group again.  I love the hs online community, but it makes such a difference to see and talk to people in person!  Michael is still working his two jobs.  This heat has been awful for him during the pizza job, poor guy.  He still has a great attitude about it, though... very proud of him for that.  He still gets the migraines on a continuous basis and has back and hip problems... so, he's kind of a mess, but he works through it and does his best to keep us sustained!  We just celebrated his 33rd birthday this weekend... old man!  Haha.  Oh, and we officially joined Grace Fellowship Church as members on Sunday, as well. 

Anyway, that's about it from here.  We're basically just waiting for the weather to cool off so we can breathe again!

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Mary said...

We are on week three of over 100 degree temps so I can relate. The heat makes me very unpleasant to be around! On the upside I get some alone time when people are steering clear of me. LOL Congrats on your two parties this weekend. Hopefully you'll get some new bookings from those!