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Friday, August 3, 2012

Homeschool Recap, August 3rd (Week 4)...

In our Homeschool this week...
Our week was pretty straight forward.  We went to see a kid's production of Rapunzel at the Artisan Theatre in Hurst on Tuesday.  The kids LOVED it!  I enjoyed it myself, very funny!  And on Thursday we had lunch with my mom and aunt.  Other than that, business as usual this week - and I took, like, one picture of school this week, ha!  We finished up our fourth week of school, and it's time for a break!  We'll be off all next week for our vacation.  We are so excited!

Tot School: Nothing particular that we worked on this week.  Callen is getting really good at identifying his colors, plus some letters and numbers.  At church on Wednesday, I asked a few of the kids to identify some letters and numbers and Callen kept being the first to answer (he's the youngest in there, it's 2-5 year olds)!  Haha.

Bible: This week's Name of Jesus was "Light of the World."  We used Mama Jenn's printable up on our Morning Board to help us start memorizing John 8:12 and Preston had to copy the entire verse down (which took three days!).  We looked up verses in The Discoverer's Bible that described Jesus as light.  We also made a light switch cover that showed "light,"  used a candle and flashlight to show how important light is and how it can guide us.

Reading/Writing: We continued Spelling by Sound & Structure.  Preston is doing great with spelling the words so far!  Finished  up the handwriting practice with the letters Ss through Zz. 

History:  This week's history topic was Native Americans.  We read North American Indians, which goes over lots of different tribes and their characteristics.  We made a model of wigwam and a teepee, and practiced some sign language.  We also read Who Came Down That Road?, Who Were the First North Americans?, The Hopi and The Rough-Face Girl (which Preston LOVED).  Over our break, we plan to read The Magic Treehouse Book, Buffalo Before Breakfast.  And then we'll start on Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims.
Wigwam and teepee.
Math:  We finished up Chapter Two of Math Mammoth, which is time/calendar.  Learned 'till' and 'past.'  Reviewed days of the week, months and dates.  Had a review and then the chapter test today.  He got a 93% on the test, he missed two questions by just a little.

Science:  This week we talked about the Universe, the Sun and Gravity.  We used First Encyclopedia of Science (notebooked a page on the Universe and on Gravity) and The Usbornce Science Encyclopedia.

Music/Art: We continued the My Very First Art Book, and did two projects.  One was "Smudgy Pictures" using chalk, and the other was using finger paints.  Callen enjoyed the finger paints, of course!

Spanish: Preston and Callen both enjoyed the next two episodes of Salsa, which tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood (sort of). We reviewed words having to do with "El Taller" in our First Thousand Words in Spanish.  And we continued the first lesson of La Clase Divertida!.

We are using Adventures in My Father's World. See our curriculum here.

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