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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How NOT to take Fall Photos...

Since we are on a break from school this week, I thought we'd use today as a field trip day.  We ran out to a little pumpkin patch in Arlington to play and take photos and spent a good, long while playing at McDonald's.  Nothing fancy, but we had a good time.

Now, while we were at the pumpkin patch, my intention was to get some good Fall photos of the boys.  You know how much I love pumpkins and fall colors, so photos of my boys surrounded by that stuff makes me so happy.  We arrived just as the sun came out and shined in all it's glory.  That's nice and all, except when you have boys who are incredibly sensitive to sunlight... then, cue the sneezing and squinty faces.  Every single photo I took had one or the other sneezing or making a ridiculous squinty face.  Oh well.  I tried.  Check these out these gems:

Even in all their squinty, sneezy glory, I love these photos. Those are my boys, through and through.  Lol!  It also made me very appreciative of how GOOD my amazing photographer friends are.  How do they do it?!?!


Sennie said...

Oh that bright sunshine! Wonderful in the fall, not so great in pics. But still, such wonderful pictures of kids having a great day<3
Here from the Hop.

Karen said...

This made me smile. It is so hard to take pictures outside in the sun without squints. :) I think your boys are stinking adorable and I love every one of the pics. :)