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Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 2012 Tweets and Instagrams to Remember...

Oct 1st - I may or may not have just locked my children outside. What?! The weather is nice, isn't it?

Oct 1st - My mantle pumpkin patch is growing!

Oct 4th - Eating lunch w/some gators at the Ftw Zoo! 

Oct 6th -Christmas Merry Have You 

Oct  12th - I love Fall, hate to complain. But these allergies are kicking my butt. I just wanna breathe through my nose & stop clawing at my eyes.

Oct 12th - Pulled off a Surprise 50th Birthday party for my mom and aunt (twins). Whole family together, yay!

Oct 14th - Why are people so excited about tv shows involving ducks and zombies this week? I don't know what they are & don't understand the appeal.

Oct 15th - Dear Callen, if u were potty trained already, running out of diapers wouldnt be such a big deal. Just saying. Sigh.

Oct 16th - Wow, I'm glad this is just his 'pretend to be mad' face, yikes! ? , this is for u!

Oct 19th - Why dont I ever notice how homeless my kids look when they dress themselves until we are already out in public?

Oct 20th - Zomg, where ARE we? 

Oct  20th - At a park in Arl, just saw a guy riding a bike with a sheep running beside him. Seriously, not a dog, an actual sheep. WHAT?!?

Oct 21st - You know you have amazing friends when something like this gets left on your doorstep.

Oct 23rd - 8am, 2yr old rolls over next to me, grabs my face & asks... can we go to Sonic?!?

Oct 23rd - Sometimes when I look at my followers, I'm like "that makes sense" and other times I'm all "What the moo cow?!"

Oct 23rd - Ending our field trip to the patch and garden center with lunch, yay coupons!

Oct 25th - Its all fun and games till Preston dumps the whole bottle of glitter.

Oct 28th - Its Officially Grace Fellowship Church Day in Grand Prairie, sayeth the Mayor. Pretty cool! Happy 10 years, GFC!

Oct 29th - Zomg, , really? Christmas commercials before Halloween? I love you, but nooooo!

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