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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 2013 Tweets and Instagrams to Remember...

Apr 6th - Beautiful lilies in my yard. a ding a ding time!
Apr 6th - Great Grandma is 92 and pushing Callen around on on walker.

Apr 9th - I have already declared "I hate summer!" Too soon?  

Apr 10th - My snuggle bunnies, staying warm this morning.  

Apr 10th - He was sent to his room as a punishment, but it looks like I'm the one being punished. What a mess!  

Apr 11th - Nice little note from UBAM CEO for being in the Top 50 Sales Leaders last month!  

Apr 11th - Before I blogged I didn't keep a journal, I had a day planner... And I wrote EVERYTHING in it. Lol.…  

Apr 15th - This is what love looks like: a husband who can make the stove and counter tops clean like this!…  

Apr 20th - This morning's amazing scenery behind our campsite at Beaver's Bend with the Cubscouts.  

Apr 26th - Reason number 457,392 that my mom is a super awesome amazing lady. Not only does she watch my kids all…  

Apr 26th - Chris posted that he likes this, lol!  

Apr 29th - I probably have hundreds of pictures of him sleeping as a baby. 7 years old and still an adorable…  

Apr 30th - Smoothie success! Kids are loving it!  

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